About the podcast

The Shipping (Pod)Cast is a fortnightly multi-fandom podcast for the shipper in you, hosted by Shirasade. Subscribe and listen now!

This podcast is zero judgement, 100% squee as fans talk about their ships, why they ship them and which fanworks might make YOU ship them, too! It’s always fun to listen to people gush about their favourite pairings, and we cover a wide range of fandoms.

At the end each guest nominates the next fan to talk about their OTP (One True Pairing, i.e. the ship they love the most), creating a multi-ship, multi-fandom chain of interviews. Het (i.e. straight couples), slash (meaning same-sex pairings), fictional characters or real people, the only limit is the imagination.

The ship that we focus on in each episode is clearly stated in the title, so if you think that a ship will cause you distress or anger, please skip it!

About your friendly mod

I’m a fandom old from German-speaking Switzerland, 37 and have been writing fanfiction since I hit puberty. However, I only joined online fandom 18 years ago, which was also when I started writing in English. I have the equivalent of an MA in Cultural Anthropology, Media Studies and German Literature. These days I work an admin job in the renewable energies sector, and I spent my free time consuming media in the form of books, movies, tv shows and podcasts.

I find fandom fascinating, not just as a creative outlet in the form of writing, vidding and giffing, but as a cultural phenomenon. I hope I’m not the only one who loves to hear people talk about what they’re passionate about – and there’s few things fans are more passionate about than their ships.

I’m Shirasade on AO3, Tumblr, Pillowfort, Youtube and Mastodon, and my domain network is on shirasade.net.


This podcast wouldn’t be possible without these talented people:

Artwork: LittleZIon (@myltzi)

Music: Sailor Song, by The Peerless Quartet (via Free Music Archive)

And of course all my wonderful guests that share my love for this wonderful, crazy realm of fandom and shipping!

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