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October 11, 2019 / Admin

Quick update: Unfortunately the episode planned to end my mini hiatus fell through, so now I’m looking for someone who’d like to talk to me about their OTP. Any and all ships welcome that haven’t been covered before!

February 19, 2019 / Admin
February 10, 2019 / Admin

**Summer break**

Episode 37 (August 14, 2020): Beauregard x Yasha (Critical Role) with Calliopesquill

Episode 38 (August 28, 2020): Steve x Peggy (Marvel) with Gen

Episode 39 (September 11, 2020): TBD with Shania

(Early release for Patreon supporters!)

December 24, 2018 / Admin

Just a quick video greeting – I hope this finds you well and enjoying a wonderful day, whatever form it might take. Here’s to a new year filled with joy, happiness and many, many fandoms and ships!

December 9, 2018 / Admin

The podcast has reached the point where I’ve had to start buying Pro accounts, and I’m hoping for your support to keep me going. There are so many fandoms, so many ships still to explore!

December 6, 2018 / Admin

With the news of Tumblr forbidding adult content starting December 17, I’ve decided it’s better if the podcast’s official home is no longer on that platform.