A new home for the podcast

With the news of Tumblr forbidding adult content starting December 17, I’ve decided it’s better if the podcast’s official home is no longer on that platform.

For now the new guidelines will only prohibit images, but I’m a burned child: ff.net restrictions, geocities/tripod deletions, LJ strikethroughs – I’ve been through it all. (It’s the reason why I still keep a personal fanfic archive, although I’m fairly certain AO3 is here to stay.)

I’ll still use the shippingcast-Tumblr to reblog things that are recced on the show, but the main home will be this website.

Here, you can find out where to subscribe to the podcast, an archive of all episodes (with information on upcoming episodes), some info about the podcast (and how to support it) as well as a list of other fandom podcasts I listen to.

Coming up on Dec 7, 2018: Episode 03 – Tony x Bruce (MCU) with Kimmy

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