Episode 02: River x Doctor (Doctor Who) with Mia_Zeklos

Episode 2 features the fascinating, timey-whimey relationship between The Doctor and River Song, as @miazeklos and myself dive into everything we love about this pairing.


Find a list of fanworks as well as tie-in media as mentioned on the podcast here:

Fic recs:



Favourite gifsets:

Tie-in novels:

Big Finish:

Also, as mentioned in the episode introduction: I’ve cosplayed as River at FedCon in Germany, and even got a photo with the 11th Doctor himself, Matt Smith (and a friend dressed as the TARDIS)! I’m wearing my glasses because I got rather frazzled at the prospect of meeting Matt and forgot to take them off. *g* (I also have another version of River’s costume, the one with the white jacket from “Pandorica Opens”, but I don’t seem to have any photos of that.)


Additional episode 02 media on Tumblr.

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Next up: Tony x Bruce (MCU) with @kimmycup on December 7, 2018.

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